Pinnacle: n. 1. A high pointed piece of rock. 2. A small pointed turret built as an ornament on a roof. 3. The most successful point; ‘the pinnacle of his career’.

At Sainte Rose, ‘Le Pinacle’ or ‘The Pinnacle’ is the small pointed turret on the roof of the Chateau, which is literally the highest point on the Domaine. Secondly and more symbolically given the third definition above, ‘Le Pinacle’ is the name given to the exclusive series of wines at the top of our range. They signify quite simply, the best we can achieve.

So what is so special about these wines? They are each created from selected parcels of grapes, carefully vinified using a variety of specific techniques according to the variety and drawn off into the best barrels to age. Some of our customers already know and love Le Pinacle Syrah, our big, bold Cote Rotie style red but this year we are launching an exclusive white varietal series. Watch this space to find out when we release the vibrant Viognier, the ravishing Roussanne and the charming Chardonnay!

Photo Credit to Francis Peacocke