It has been an incredibly dry winter and growing season at Sainte Rose, with less than half of our usual rainfall over this period.  Up until now, the summer temperatures have not been as excessive as other parts of the southern and eastern Mediterranean, with cooler temperatures overnight slowing the final grape maturity.  As a result, harvesting did not start as early as some years, however the high pressure zone now sitting over southern France has meant that temperatures are beginning to soar, nearing 40 degrees C, thus maturity is likely to accelerate.  

So far, all of the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir has been safely picked and we are extremely happy with the quality.  Overnight last night, we started harvesting the gloriously golden Chardonnay grapes pictured in the images.  Visually, yields seem to be slightly down on the bumper harvest of 2022, but the more vigorous, younger vines such as the Chardonnay block harvested last night, have still managed to combine good volumes with excellent quality.  We will naturally be harvesting slightly less volume overall this year due to our vineyard regeneration project.  This has meant that three vineyard sites have remained fallow for a second year and those replanted last year have not yet reached sufficient maturity to produce a suitable crop.  

As we celebrate Sainte Rose Day at the Domaine, we will be raising a glass to our amazing team who have worked tirelessly throughout the year to ensure another successful harvest and to all of our valued customers for continuing to share the story of Sainte Rose and for enjoying the fruits of our labour. Santé!