We are now in week three of Sainte Rose harvest 2018 and have picked almost all the white grape varieties.  Having picked the younger Roussanne vineyard today, there is just one block of Roussanne remaining and this will be harvested later this week or early next.  Roussanne is always the last white to ripen and we do leave it hanging on the vines a little longer so that it picks up the wonderful concentration that converts into the luxurious texture and mouthfeel that this variety is prized for.  The Roussanne will be used to create Le Marin Blanc, La Nuit Blanche and the Low Yield Roussanne as well as for our superb Barrel Selection Roussanne that can be purchased from this website!

Today we have also been picking Pinot Noir for La Croisade, our still Pinot Noir, which we first produced in 2017 and which will soon be available to purchase on this website.  The grapes were clean and healthy and the juice is tasting delicious.  We will also be picking Syrah this week and checking the maturity in the Merlot vines.

As we reach the end of August, the weather is just beginning to turn a little more autumnal. The team is enjoying the cooler temperatures that we have been experiencing in the mornings and the cooler temperatures at night have been excellent for the vines.  

We are now half way through harvest 2018, but do check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for further updates: