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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 12:05

Sydney Calling!

We welcomed a group of 14 Executive MBA students from the University of Sydney to Sainte Rose this weekend.  This group of high-flying individuals is in the Languedoc as part of their course, to study a market in ‘recovery’ and they are specifically focussing on the wine industry.  They will be assigned to local wine businesses to look at how specifically each business is responding to this recovery and provide advice on maximising the opportunities that exist.


We were very honoured to be invited to present to them as a Domaine that is contributing to and indeed driving forward this ‘recovery’, as this was one of our goals when we chose to establish our business in the Languedoc.


The other two case studies (and therefore destinations) for this group of students have been the mature IT market of Silicon Valley in California and the emerging IT market of Bangalore in India.  We think it is very positive that the Languedoc was selected along with the above two very dynamic, internationally recognised markets as part of this course.  It can and will only generate more interest in the renaissance of Languedoc wine!


Interested in course details click here!


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Friday, 13 May 2011 14:45

Outsiders Rocking the Languedoc

Outsiders Rocking the Languedoc

We are really enjoying being labelled an Outsider!  This is a group that makes being different, cool!  It’s an interesting group that was created by Louise Hurren who is already recognised as one of the Languedoc’s finest ambassadors.


Since starting our business in 2002 we have spent a lot of time explaining to a lot of people why we came to the Languedoc and how we do things differently.  Now we have fellow producers who are in a similar situation with whom we can present a united front for certain events.  It is a powerful concept and certainly seems to appeal to the modern wine drinker.


Let the attached Ebook speak for itself – Rock on!

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